• Gitaneria & Blues Meet Rumba & Jazz Guitarra de Palo Premiere with the Great Jerry Gonzalez at Symphony Space

    Gitaneria & Blues Meet Rumba & Jazz

    You never know what you’re going to get with a performance from trumpeter, conguero, jazz and Latin music legend Jerry Gonzalez. He rolled into New York City on April 4th from his perch in Madrid, Spain with a group of gypsy musicians, a gentle documentary titled “Guitarra de Palo’, and his wife, film maker Andrea Zapata Girau on a tour that would also take them to San Francisco.

A Health Link that Saves Lives

Affordable Health Care and Its Consequences for DC’s Latino Community

Jose Sueiro

DC Health Link, the affordable insurance marketplace that has quietly enrolled more than 27,000 people in affordable and equitable health plans, is patiently lowering the number of uninsured residents in the District of Columbia. As part of this initiative, the work of the Greater Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (GWHCC) is slowly and steadily improving Latino lives and reducing operating costs for small Hispanic owned businesses through better, more effective and economical health plans.


The Vince I Know

The Honor & Grace of a Hometown Hero

Jose Sueiro
The Honor & Grace of a Hometown Hero
Jose Sueiro
In DC’s Hispanic community we first heard of Vince Gray in the 90’s when he was head of Covenant House, when there he made friends with a group of community leaders such as Bibi Otero, Maria Gomez, Sonia Gutierrez and others who worked in the non-profit social services sector. Vince toiled among the poorest of the poor, dealing with programs that gave shelter to the homeless and with mental retardation and the handicapped on the east side of the city in Wards 7 and 8.

What struck everyone then, as well as now, was his total dedication to the least fortunate among us and his intense attention to the details of how to improve the lives of DC residents. “That’s what turns me on’ he would later say about his work. At the time our community was fairly marginalized and also among the poorest in the District.



Josefa’s Story Hidden in the Cracks of Her Brick Wall

Santiago Sueiro
She recently finished construction on her cement patio, extended the roof of her porch to reach the sidewalk, installed a six person picnic table, and built cement steps for customers to step up to the window. Inside, Josefa shows off her economic engine. “Esta vacío ahorita,” its empty right now. Josefa’s pulperia, or convenient store, is run out of her home. She sells everything from candy, to rice and beans, from bags of water, to 3 liter bottles of Pepsi. Her pulperia is what allows her to make improvements to her home and business.

Entrevistas con Historia

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Recently I was interviewed in Spanish on a half hour program aired on the local Univision station and produced by Fine Productions. The segment was hosted by Hugo Romero and Geoff Ros contributed as producer. My interview, copied here on Metrodiversity.com, is part of an ongoing series outlining the history of the Latino migration to the Washington DC metropolitan region.

The Priest and the Lollipop:

A Spanish Culinary Tradition Celebrates 25 Years in DC

Jose Sueiro
To hear Luis Lezama speak, the driving ‘force of nature’ behind ‘La Taberna del Alabardero Restaurant’ here in DC, leader of a group that controls more than 20 restaurants worldwide and a culinary institute in Andalusia, someone who has mentored numerous protégé such as the inimitable Jose Andres –he of TV and Jaleo Restaurants fame- is to watch an iconic Spanish character who represents the best and most everlasting of Spain’s heritage and culture. A parish priest now in his beloved Alava, the garrulous Lezama can spout sparkling, charismatic stories on anything from his food empire’s bottom line to rewarding the Pope with a ‘chupa chup’ –a Spanish lollipop.



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