• Observations on a Groundbreaking
    Spanish Election

    Observations on a Groundbreaking ,

    'The Puerta de Alcala, by the Retiro Park in the heart of Madrid'

    It has been interesting and exciting to watch the latest round of elections in Spain on Sunday, May 24, 2015, first hand from Madrid. Unlike the United States, elections here are held on a Sunday and participation regularly surpasses 65%. Also unlike the U.S., youth between the ages of 18 and 25, vote in large numbers and, as in this case, can decide the election. These elections were held for municipalities and 'autonomias', the Spanish version of states or regions and the overwhelming significance of the vote is that Spain has now veered to the left.


in Madrid

Jose Sueiro

I embark on a euphoric journey filled with precious memories of times spent in Madrid. I studied in the Spanish capital and my mother lived there for the last 30 years of her life. I return after 6 years to commemorate my mother's passing on May 27, 2009 and celebrate the richness of Spanish life once again with friends and family. I'll return later this summer to Galicia, the region from which my parents migrated to America after the Spanish Civil War. During my life I visited Madrid regularly for 20 years when my son was a young boy and his grandmother doted on him. This is the first time I've been away this long and thus am looking forward to an intense 10 days.


Spain Honors

Coppola the Master

Jose Sueiro

American filmmaker, Francis Ford Coppola has been honored with the 2015 Princess of Asturias Award for the Arts.

Born on 7th April 1939 into an Italian-American family in Detroit, Michigan, Francis Ford Coppola grew up in New York in a home with ties to music and the cinema. His father, Carmine Coppola, was an instrumentalist and composer. His childhood was marked by polio, which kept him bedridden for over a year, but also by puppetry and editing family films in Super 8, which served as both a distraction and a source of learning. He majored in Theater Arts at Hofstra College (New York) and studied film at the UCLA Film School, where he earned a Master in Fine Arts Degree with his thesis project You’re a Big Boy Now (1966). His wide-ranging body of work, which includes films considered classics in cinema history, comprises more than 30 films as director, 27 as screenwriter and 74 as producer. In 1969 he created the American Zoetrope production company, which produced the early works of George Lucas, among others.


In DC:

How Trade Unions are Helping Grow Small Businesses

Jose Sueiro

(The construction trade unions are involved in an unprecedented, groundbreaking coalition which involves them with small businesses and the community. Mark Coles, author of this essay is the Executive Director of Community Hub for Opportunities inConstruction Employment, CHOICE. These remarks were made at our #BuiltinDCbyDC event on April 14.)

"For our part, the Building Trades have been working hard to demonstrate that our unions are not singularly focused on workers' rights and protections -which are important- but that we're also about helping responsible contractors succeed in business."

CHOICE is comprised of 28 union construction affiliates who are signed with hundreds of contractor partners. We do projects large and small throughout the Washington Capital Region. At CHOICE we're about cooperation, not conflict; problem-solving, not problem-making; collaboration, not division; and inclusion not exclusion.

Nostalgia & 'Sentimiento'

In Series Presents: Latino Music Fever

Jose Sueiro
The quixotic and eclectic "In Series", once again reappears on stage at the end of May with its most intriguing musical yet. Latin Music Fever is a cabaret featuring music from the golden age of popular American song. Many classic Latin hits got their start south of the border before rising to the top of the charts in the USA. Remember and celebrate songs like Quiéreme mucho, The Peanut Vendor, El Cumbanchero (Rickie Ricardo’s band tune in I Love Lucy); and Amor, Amor, Amor. Local Hispanic talents dive into these romantic melodies guided by the graceful pianist Mari Paz, master of the genre. The sensual rhythms of ‘conguero’ Iván Navas keep the irresistible beat going for vocalists José Sacín, Adriana González, Alex Alburqueque and Patricia Portillo.


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