• Dr. Ricardo Galbis
    DC's Latino Mental Health Pioneer & Community Icon

    Dr. Ricardo Galbis

    "Oye Chico, como estas?" is the proverbial greeting of psychiatrist Ricardo Galbis whenever he meets someone in the community (loosely translated; "Hey man, how you doing?"). The warm, gentle, proud Cuban doctor is an institution in this town and a constant, peripatetic presence in the life of the Latino community where he has touched so many troubled lives and looked after so many different communities. He is considered a distinguished elder and a prominent icon for Hispanics in the region.

New Board, New Directions for

DC Hispanic Contractor's Association

DC Hispanic Contractor's Association (DCHCA) is an organization founded in 1982 by pioneering business owners Angel Roubin of Roubin & Janeiro, Alberto Gomez of Prince Construction and its first President, Eduardo Perdomo. Now the septuagenarian owner of an asphalt plant in Ward 8, Mr. Roubin has just retired from the Board. Mr. Gomez has become the group's Chairman Emeritus and Carlos Perdomo, owner of Keystone Plus Construction and son of the late Eduardo Perdomo, is the new Chairman of the association, a duly licensed and registered 501c6 non-profit in the District of Columbia.

Julio Mariño & the Grand Tradition

of Latin American Painters in Adams Morgan

Jose Sueiro
There are those who would argue that the movement to establish an Art Museum of the Americas at the OAS began here in the Adams Morgan neighborhood of Washington DC under the tutelage of the famous Jose Gomez Sicre who established a very prominent art 'salon' at his house in the 1700 block of Lanier Place from the 1950's until his death in 1991. During that period some of the most distinguished Latin American painters and plastic artists visited the neighborhood and Gomez Sicre accumulated one of the most impressive collections of Latin American art in the world. His home, besides being a hotbed of artistic discussion and exploration, was filled with paintings as if in a museum.

Latino Power

in the DC Stadium Battle

Jose Sueiro

There was a telling moment at the signing ceremony for the DC soccer stadium legislation on Tuesday, December 30th 2014, when Mayor Gray distributed pens to those instrumental in getting the job done. After handing out pens to the soccer team, Allen Lew, his city administrator and even Council Chairman Phil Mendelsohn, he looked around and asked; "who am I missing?" Standing in the back of the room I shouted back; "the PLA" to which he replied; "of course, where's Stephen Courtien?"

"The PLA" -of course- is the Project Labor Agreement negotiated between the team, the city and the construction trade unions for the building of the stadium. The remarkable Stephen Courtien, the person at the ceremony representing CHOICE a program of the building trade unions, is the one who negotiated this labor agreement (as well as the PLA for the baseball stadium) which establishes guidelines for local hiring, wage levels and the participation of small DC based businesses -the famous Certified Business Enterprises (CBE's).


DC's First Elected 'Dominicano'

Franklin Garcia Makes History

Jose Sueiro

Franklin Garcia stood on stage and lifted his right hand to take the oath. The judge, Jose Lopez, also from the Dominican Republic and among the first Latino judges at Superior Court, had him swear in and promise he would uphold the duties of his office. Both 'Dominicanos', Garcia, the elected official, and Lopez, the judge, participating in an all Latino swearing in ceremony and making history together on January 2nd 2015, one Dominican administering the oath of office to another. Franklin was elected with over 114,000 votes as the shadow Congressional representative for the District, an elected position first held by Jesse Jackson. Garcia is the first Latino elected citywide since the 1970's.


Christmas Morning

With Castro

Jose Sueiro
In what can only be deemed a moment of supreme serendipity, I had the pleasure of sharing my 2014 Christmas morning with the new Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Julian Castro and his family only a few days before his wife, Erica, gave birth to their second child, Cristian Julian. It was the finest present the season could have afforded me.

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